Ask the experts - Crohn's disease

We advise you to follow your Consultant’s recommendations and discuss with the consultant your wishes regarding your concerns.

I would like to come into contact with others with the same illness. Where can I turn?
- The best and simplest way is to contact a patient help group.

Does surgery cure Crohn’s disease?
- No, there is always the risk of recurrence.

I have heard that Crohn’s disease can be caused by an infection? Can this be true?
- A number of different bacteria and viruses have been named as possible causes of Crohn’s disease. One of the most frequently mentioned is closely related to the tuberculosis bacteria. However, research suggests that different types of infections can act as “triggers” for the bodies own immune defence systems. If, for some unknown reason, the body’s usual response to these signals is disturbed, a chronic inflammation will be established.

I myself have Crohn’s disease. How great is the risk that my daughter will also develop the disease?
- Even if Crohn’s disease is regarded as hereditary, the risk of your child developing it is small. One usually says that the risk is roughly 1 %, so your child’s chances of not developing Crohn’s are 99 %. However the risk does vary between families. Crohn’s is very common in some families and in these cases the risk of a child inheriting the disease is assessed at approximately 10%.