Ask the experts - Treatment by Adacolumn

We advise you to follow your Consultant’s recommendations and discuss with the consultant your wishes regarding your concerns.

Will Adacolumn cure my ulcerative colitis?
- No, Adacolumn cures neither ulcerative colitis nor Crohn’s disease. As with all other treatments, there is always a risk of recurrence. However, treatment with Adacolumn can be repeated if necessary.

How soon does one notice the effect of Adacolumn?
- This is individual. Usually improvement is noticed after 2-3 treatments. However it may take a few more weeks before the full effect is noticed.

Should I still continue with my medications even though I receive Adacolumn treatment?
- The form of treatment you receive should be a joint decision between yourself and your Doctor. Generally speaking Adacolumn works well as an additional therapy to conventional treatment. Certain “undesirable ” medicines such as Cortisone can be phased out when Adacolumn starts working.